by End These Days

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released June 4, 2016

All songs written by Yul & End These Days
All lyrics by Yul
guitars by Sung-il Yun & Mitch
bass by Ji-song Park
drums by Woo-kwon Jung
Samples by JJ of Satellights and HG
Mixed & Mastered by Yul
Cover art by HG
lay-out by Sung-il Yun

Special Thanks to :
HG, JJ of Satellights, Kang-to Lee and Soo-young Kim of Watch Out!, Jin-su Bae of Realize Records, Young-mok-mok-mok Kim, James Park, Young-il Kim of Eighteen April and all our friends
Guest Vocals for Unbreakable : PK of Scarlet Forest
Singalong by : Mitch , Sung-il, Yul, JJ, Koh, Jae-hun, Naskboo, Millo, Kimisa and Soo-young



all rights reserved


End These Days Busan, South Korea

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Track Name: Unbreakable (Feat. Heresy, Satellights and PK of Scarlet Forest)
So here I go again.
It doesn't matter what we used to be.
The truth is always close to us.
Convictions lead us here.
Seeking for something that will not be found,
We always struggle, see it through.
We rise together.
We're still alive.
I can feel my heart beat up.
My eyes are shining like they've never shone before.
Realize what makes you will stand up
This is our place.
This is our faith.
This is our trace.
(This is unbreakable)
It just could end up my wish but it never ends.
Cuz I know there is nowhere to turn,
Embracing the despair, I utter a cry of hope.
Your eyes are to see ahead.
Never look back, you'll see beyond.
Hope you experienced yourself to be sincere
and Loved everything you've got from falling down
I'm here to stand over despair
Found the light in a hopless world
This is the reason I can stand on.
So, here I am.
Track Name: Everlasting
Now, I'm just walking on the corridors of time.
What was I supposed to see all the time passing through this?
An answer to a question
What I've become.
It is not always right but I carry myself
Everything what I've loved faded away
The more I love, the deeper I am alone.
Everything what I've lost come back again
Feels like my fate test me all the time.
"Stay young forever"
"Try your heart out"
Desperation, there seems to be no other way
But there is no right way
"Step aside, step aside"
Struggled in vain like someone said?
I don't give a fuck. defiance of the blind
"Once again, once again"
No matter how many times you reset
It always comes back
Even if the sincerity will never reach you
I'm walking endlessly
I will prevail!
What I saw is suffering
But I could realize what is precious
So I can love more
It's on and on
What I found is hopeless
But I could realize what I want
So I can dream more.
It's on and on